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Parker Filtration
MFP Series Portable Filter Carts
Key Features Two filters instead of one   w/ 2.5 times increased dirt  holding capacity Wide variety of particulate   elements available Par-Gel™ water ... More >
Parker Filtration
Guardian® Portable Filtration System
Key Features Lightweight, hand held,  compact design (less  than 24 Ibs 16” X 8” approximate  foot print) Flow rate to 4 gpm Powerful pump/motor  combination ... More >
Parker Filtration
PVS Series Portable Purification Systems
Key Features Variable flow circuit Moisture sensor Automatic operation 316 Stainless steel used for  primary wetted surfaces Ecoglass particulate element Clear ... More >
Parker Filtration
SMR Series Submicronic Removal Fluid Purification Systems
Features Contaminant Removal to the Sub-Micron Level Prevention and Removal of Sludge and Varnish Removal of Oxidation Byproducts and Biological Contamination Removal ... More >
Parker Filtration
SOS Series Stationary Offline System
Key Features Built-in Diverter Cone and Bypass Valve Applications Oil & Gas Plastic Injection Molding  Die Casting Steel General Industrial Power GenerationLoad Tap ... More >
Parker Filtration
Sentinel Portable Purification System
Key Features Compact Size Will fit through small doorways Makes marine applications  possible Automatic Operation Unattended use Reduces labor costs Increases ... More >
FAMH Series Vacuum Dehydrator - Water & Solid Removal
Key Features Nema 12 Standard Separation of 100% free and 90% dissolved water  through vacuum dehydration Removal of 100% free and 95% dissolved gases Separation ... More >
OF7 Series Hand Held Portable Filter
Key Features The OF7 is ideal for maintaining construction and agricultural machinery, off-highway vehicles and trucks. It is equally useful for  servicing a wide ... More >
Flow Ezy Filters
Portable Filter System
Key Features For fluid transfer from  drums or storage tanks to  system reservoir For fluid conditioning For filtering out system oil  resulting from ... More >