Murr Elektronik
Modlink Vario Series Modular Media Connector for Pneumatics, Fluids & Electronics

Key Features

  • One interface for pneumatics, fluids and electronics 
  • Different media can be coupled simultaneously and while pressurized 
  • Modular system enables freely-configurable couplings 
  • Robust metal housing 
  • Integrated coding in the housing prevents mixing up connections 
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble – no tools required
  • Connect different M12 connectors (5-, 6-, 8 and 12-pole, b- and d-coded)

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Modlink Vario is a modular media connector to couple and decouple pneumatics, fluids and electronics with just one system. It is designed for convenient use in control cabinets, tools and machine parts. It's unique feature is that all media can be coupled simultaneously and under pressure in a connection.