Parker Fluid Connector Group
N Series Nylon Tubing

Key Features

  • Working and burst pressures figured at at 73°F /23°C
  • The wall thickness is for reference only
  • Packaged on reels
  • A tube support should be used with this tubing for maximum holding power where end loading, vibration or pressure


  • Robotics
  • Machine tool
  • General pneumatics
  • Lubrication
  • Petroleum-based chemical transfer
  • Pest control lines

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Parflex flexible nylon tubing is carefully made from high-grade, abrasion resistant, heat and light stabilized nylon. Resistance to stress cracking greatly exceeds that of ordinary nylon tubing. Parflex nylon also exhibits extremely low level water absorption.

Chemical resistant Parflex nylon tubing has the additional benefits of better flexibility, lighter weight and resistance to flexural fatigue. Operating temperatures, depending upon conditions, are -65°F (-54°C) to +200°F (+93°C) continuous.

Available in natural (NN), red (RED), green (GRN), blue (BLU), yellow (YEL), and black (NB). Black tubing is recommended for use outdoors and in sunlit areas.