Parker Fluid Connector Group
45 Flare Fittings


  • Refrigerant Drum Adapter 1F
  • Short Forged Nut 14FSX
  • Copper Flare Gasket 2GF
  • Short Forged Reducing Nuts 14FS
  • Seal Bonnet 3GF
  • Swivel Nut Valve Connector 14FSV
  • Long Forged Nut 14FL
  • Flare Adapter US5
  • Long Nut 41FL
  • Union 42F
  • Short Nut 41FS / Shorter Nut 41FX
  • Union Reducers 42F
  • Flare to Solder 43F
  • Female Connector 46F
  • Male Connector 48F
  • Flare to Metric Adaptor 48F-X-MIX
  • Flare to SAE Straight Thread 485F
  • Union Tee 144F-244F
  • Male Elbow 149F-249F
  • Union Tee 144F combination sizes
  • Male Branch Tee 145F
  • Cross 147F
  • Flare Elbow to SAE Metric Straight Thread 149F-X-MIX
  • Union Elbow 155F
  • Flare Elbow to SAE Straight Thread 1495F
  • Female Elbow 150F
  • 45° Elbow 159F-259F
  • Male Run Tee 151F
  • 45° Flare Elbow to SAE Metric Straight Thread 159F-X-MIX
  • Cap Nut 640F
  • 45° Flare to SAE Straight Thread 1595F
  • Flared Union–Female Flare to Female Flare 660FHD
  • 90° Swivel Elbow 166FSV
  • Male Flare to Female Flare 661FHD
  • Adapter Tee 256F
  • Flared Seal Plug 639F
  • Female Flare to Male Pipe Thread 664FHD

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Economical fitting that resists mechanical pullout. Can be assembled
and disassembled repeatedly. Listed with Underwriter’s Laboratories
for flammable liquid, marine and gas applications. Meets functional
requirements of SAE J512 and J513.