Parker Fluid Connector Group
Access Valves


  • Extended Copper Tube AVUSE
  • Forged Union Tee AVT2
  • Male Connector AVU1
  • Access Valve Assembly AVUIFI
  • Solder Tee AVTS
  • Forged Male Elbow AVE1
  • Extended Solder Tee AVTSL
  • Forged Male Run Tee AVT3
  • Full Union AVU2
  • Forged Male Cross AVC1
  • Bulkhead Union AVU2BH
  • Bulkhead Solder Union AVUS3BH 
  • Swivel Cross AVCS4D-4
  • Forged Female Branch Tee AVTS6
  • Female Connector AVUR3
  • Quick Seal Caps 640QSF
  • 3 Way Solder Connector AVUS3 
  • Quick Seal Cap with Core Remover 640QSFCR
  • Straight Solder Connector AVUS
  • Core Remover CR
  • Valve Cores VC
  • Swivel Connector AVUS4D
  • Refrigerant adapter 88AC
  • Forged Female Run Swivel Tee AVTS4
  • Refrigerant adapter 880AC
  • Refrigerant adapter 881AC

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Designed to offer convenient low cost access ports for refrigeration
service. All fittings feature 1/4” SAE male flare access ports and are
furnished with a finger tight quick seal cap. Access valves with pipe
connections have internal ODS solder cups.

Access valve products with a solder cup are shipped with the valve
core loose. Valve cores should be torqued after brazing to ARI 720

Access Valves may be installed in any position on either high or low
side for quick testing, pressure checking, purging or charging.