Parker Fluid Connector Group
Brass Metric Adapters


  • CD43 90° Elbow Male-Female BSPT-BSPP
  • FF33 Pipe Nipples BSPT
  • DD44 Pipe 90° Elbow BSPP
  • FF33 Unequal Pipe Nipples BSPT
  • F3HF Hex Nipple NPTF BSPT
  • F3HG Adapter NPTF Male BSPT
  • FF44 Pipe Nipples BSPP
  • GG44 Pipe Connector BSPP
  • FG43 Reducing Connector Female-Male BSPP-BSPT
  • GG44 Unequal Pipe Connector BSPP
  • FHG4 Adapter Male NPTF BSPP
  • HHP3 Hollow Hex Head Plug BSPT
  • Pipe to Metric Adaptor 222P-X-MIX 
  • HP3 Hex Plug BSPT
  • MRO434 Run Tee Female-Female-Male BSPP-BSPP-BSPT
  • KMMOO4 Pipe Cross BSPP
  • PTR34 Pipe Thread Reducer Male-Female BSPT-BSPP
  • MMO444 Pipe Tee BSPP
  • WGG44 Bulkhead Female Union BSPP
  • MMS443 Branch Tee Female-Male-Female BSPP-BSPT-BSPP
  • 112 Copper Rings for BSPP

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A comprehensive range of adapters for NPT, BSPT and BSPP pipe
threads. Produced in both forgings and extrusions. Parker brass
adapters are produced from forgings and extrusions to meet exacting
requirements. The hot forging process increases the density of the
material, refines the grain structure and improves material strength.