Parker Fluid Connector Group
Garden Hose Fittings


  • Swivel Connector SAE Flare to Female Hose Thread 50GHSV
  • Female Hose to Male Pipe 82GH & 83GH
  • Hose Barb to Male Hose Thread 53GH, 54GH & 55GH
  • Special Filter Adapter 84GH
  • Male Hose to Male Pipe 69GH, 70GH, 71GH
  • Swivel Connector Female Garden Hose to Male Pipe 88GH
  • Male Hose to Male Hose 75GH
  • Swivel Connector Female Garden Hose to Hose Barb 90GH
  • Male Hose to Female Pipe 78GH, 79GH, 80GH & 81GH
  • Knurled Hose Nut 94GH
  • Hose Nut Reducer 95GH
  • Hose Cap Nut 96GH
  • Female Hose to Female Pipe 98GH & 99GH
  • High Flow Coupler 1163-60-BPD
  • Swivel Connector Female Hose to Female Pipe 98GHSV & 99GHSV
  • High Flow Nipple 1163-61-BPD
  • Swivel Nut Connector 101GHSV
  • Rubber Garden Hose Coupling Washer 901GH

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Connect garden hose to other garden hose, to pipe, or to tubing with
these solid brass fittings. Hose-end threads are 3/4” garden hose
thread. Swivel connectors allow hose to twist without kinking.