Parker Fluid Connector Group
Hose Barb Fittings


  • Beaded Hose Barb to Male Pipe 68HB
  • Hose Mender 122HBL
  • Beaded Hose Barb to SAE Straight Thread 685HB
  • Hose Barb to Male Pipe 125HB
  • Hose Barb to Metric Adaptor 68HB-X-MIX
  • Hose Barb to Male Pipe 125HBL
  • Stainless Steel Worm Drive Clamp 97HC
  • Male Swivel Hose Barb 125HBLSV
  • Hose Barb to Swivel Female Ball-End 128HBLSV
  • Hose Barb to Female Pipe 126HBL
  • Hose Barb 90° Elbow to Male Pipe 129HB
  • Ball-End Joint Adapter to Male Pipe 127HB
  • Hose Barb Elbow to SAE Straight Thread 1295HB
  • Hose Barb 45° Elbow to Male Pipe 139HB
  • Hose Barb Tee to SAE Straight Thread 1725HB
  • Hose Barb to Swivel 45° Female Flare 146HBLFSV
  • Hose Barb Tee to Male Pipe 171HB
  • Beaded Hose Barb Elbow to SAE Straight Thread 1695HB
  • Beaded Hose Barb 45° Elbow Tube to Male Pipe 179HB
  • Beaded Elbow to Metric Adaptor 169HB-X-MIX
  • Beaded Hose Barb 45° Elbow Tube to Straight Thread 1795HB
  • Beaded Hose Barb 45 Elbow to Metric Thread 179HB-X-MIX
  • Beaded Hose Barb 90° Elbow Tube to Male Pipe 269HB
  • Beaded Hose Barb 45° Elbow Tube to Male Pipe 279HB

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Manufactured in both regular hose barb and beaded hose barb styles.
Thread ends include NPTF, SAE straight thread and metric threads.