Parker Fluid Connector Group
Inverted Flared Fittings


  • Nut 41IF
  • Female Connector 46IFHD
  • Steel Nut–Zinc Chromate 41IFS
  • Male Connector 48IFHD
  • Piloted Nut 41IFF for Single Flared Tubing
  • Union Tee 244IFHD
  • Union 42IFHD
  • Male Branch Tee 245IFHD
  • Female Elbow 250IFHD
  • Male Elbow 249IFHD–249IF
  • Male Run Tee 251IFHD
  • Female Branch Tee 252IFHD
  • Union Elbow 255IFHD
  • 45° Elbow 259IFHD

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Built to resist mechanical pullout this fitting can be assembled and
disassembled repeatedly. Listed with Underwriter’s Laboratories for
flammable liquid and gas. Meets functional requirements of SAE J512.