Parker Fluid Connector Group


  • FBMB Male Connector NPT
  • F4BMB Male Connector BSPP
  • F8BMB Male Connector Metric Straight Thread
  • F3BMB Male Connector BSPT
  • HBMB Equal Union
  • GBMB Female Connector NPT
  • WBMB Bulkhead Union 
  • G4BMB Female Connector BSPP
  • WBMPB Mixed Bulkhead Union
  • CBMB 90° Male Elbow NPT
  • C3BMB 90° Male Elbow BSPT
  • JBMB Union Tee
  • C8BMB 90° Adjustable Male Elbow Metric Straight Thread
  • RBMB Male Run Tee NPT
  • EBMB 90° Union Elbow
  • R3BMB Male Run Tee BSPT
  • S3BMB Male Branch Tee BSPT
  • SBMB Male Branch Tee NPT
  • COR4BMB Single Banjo BSPP
  • T2HFB Tube End Male Adapter NPT
  • T28HFB Tube Adapter Metric Straight Thread
  • T2HGB Tube End Female Adapter NPT
  • T23HFB Tube End Male Adapter BSPT
  • T24HGB Tube End Female Adapter BSPP
  • BTMB Nut and Ferrule
  • BMB Nut
  • FNMB Fitting Body Cap
  • PNMB Tube Plug
  • TMB Ferrule
  • TRBMB Tube End Reducer
  • T23UB Tube Insert

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A one piece, ready to use, bite type fitting. Preassembled fitting with
captive ferrule. No presetting of the ferrule is necessary. Visible ferrule allows for visual inspection before and after assempbly.