Parker Fluid Connector Group
Par-Barb Thermoplastic Fittings


  • Union Connector 322HB
  • Union Elbow 365HB
  • Union Tee 364HB
  • Hex Plug 318P
  • Reducer Bushing 309P
  • Hex Nipple 316P
  • Male Connector 325HB
  • Female Connector 326HB
  • Male Branch Tee 372HB
  • Male Elbow 329HB
  • Female Elbow 370HB
  • Union Y 362HB
  • Ball Nose Hose Barb Stem 328HB
  • Garden Hose Swivel Hose Barb Stem 325GHSV
  • Hose Barb Swivel Nut 31HB
  • Garden Hose Nut 31GH
  • Male Garden Hose - Male Pipe Adapter 316GH
  • Garden Hose Cap 313GH
  • Garden Hose Washer 30GH
  • Male Garden Hose - Hose Barb 325GH
  • VFC - Valve Barbed Female Connector
  • VME - Valve Barbed Male Elbow
  • VFE - Valve Barbed Female Elbow
  • VUC - Valve Barbed Union Connector
  • VMC - Valve Barbed Male Connector
  • VUCPB - Valve Union Connector Barbed x Tube

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Par-BarbĀ® fittings are injection molded from high strength,
chemically inert , thermoplastic materials. These fittings meet FDA
and NSF-51 specifications for food contact. The multiple barb design
generates the maximum gripping and sealing power when combined
with a hose clamp.