Parker Fluid Connector Group
Poly-Tite Fittings


  • Spring Guard 56PSG
  • Nut and Brass Sleeve Assembly 61PB
  • Plastic Cap 59P
  • Nut 61PN
  • Acetal Plastic Sleeve 60P
  • Nut only for use with Spring Gaurd 61PSGN
  • Sleeve 60PB
  • Union 62P
  • Nut and Plastic Sleeve Assembly 61P
  • Union Reducer 62P
  • Bulkhead Union 62PTBH
  • Bulkhead Union 62PBH
  • Brass Insert 63PT
  • Union 62PCA
  • Female Connector 66P
  • Bulkhead Union 62PCABH
  • Male Connector 68P
  • Pipe Coupler Body 391PSS
  • Bulkhead Coupler Body 392P
  • Bulkhead Coupler Body 392PSS
  • Tube End Reducer 97P
  • Through Type Insert 393P
  • Pipe Coupler Body 391P
  • Through Type Insert 393PSS
  • Shutoff Type Insert 393PD
  • Double End Shutoff Bulkhead Quick Coupler 394PD
  • Shut-Off Type Insert 393PDSS
  • Double End Shut-Off Bulkhead Quick Coupler 394PDSS
  • Single End Shutoff Bulkhead Quick Coupler 394P
  • Single End Shutoff Pipe Connector Quick Coupler 398P
  • Coupler Single End Shut-Off Bulkhead 394PSS
  • Single End Shut-Off Connector Quick Coupler 398PSS
  • Double End Shutoff Pipe Connector Quick Coupler 398PD
  • Male Elbow 169P
  • Double End Shut-Off Pipe Connector Quick Coupler 398PDSS
  • Long Male Elbow 169LP
  • Union Tee 164P
  • Male Elbow Swivel 169PS
  • Union Tee 164P combination size
  • Female Elbow 170P
  • Female Branch Tee 177P
  • Male Run Tee 171P
  • Needle Valve NV311P
  • Angle Needle Valve NV312P
  • Male Branch Tee 172P

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A preassembled compact compression fitting. An exclusive acetal
copolymer sleeve has superior resilience to resist creeping and stressĀ caused from compression. Poly-Tite nuts will rotate around the sleeveĀ as it tightens to prevent twisting and weakening of the plastic tubing.