Parker Fluid Connector Group
Tool-Mate Series Couplers (Exhaust)

Key Features:

  • Meets ISO 4414 requirements for a controlled pressure release system
  • Push-to-connect operation, two step disconnection as indicated by the arrows, provides safe venting of downstream pressure
  • PBS part number (yellow ring) couplers connect with Industrial Interchange nipples
  • PES part number (green ring) couplers connect with RF series nipples
  • Standard seal is Nitrile
  • Exhaust
  • RF and Industrial Interchange Styles
  • Non-marring
  • Push-to-connect sleeve


  • Pneumatic tools
  • Drop-down air lines

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Tool-Mate Series are light weight and easy to operate with a non-marring body. Exhaust style couplers allow disconnection at zero pressure to avoid dangerous hose whip. Couplers are constructed of Polyamide material with galvanized steel port ends. Springs, balls and pins are stainless steel and locking fingers are polyacetate. Black body color designates venting, exhaust style coupler.