Parker Pneumatic
PRD Refrigeration Air Dryers 10-250 SCFM

The use of refrigeration drying for compressed air treatment is tested and proven for many industrial applications. Dewpoints of 35°F (1.7°C) to 50°F (10°C) are suitable for many indoor applications where a general removal of bulk water and some vapor is sufficient for the end user’s process. 

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  • “Plug & play” design for easy installation and operation (PDRD10 - PDRD125)
  • Small space saving design
  • Oversized demister separator resulting in excellent liquid removal over all operating conditions
  • Low pressure differential across the dryer (1.45 PSIG average)
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Oversized condenser to operate in ambients to 122°F (50°C)
  • All models incorporate a dewpoint indicator