Intellinder Absolute Position Sensor for Industrial Applications



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Parker Hannifin's Industrial Cylinder Division releases new technology for absolute cylinder position feedback.  The evolution of position sensing technology has taken a smart step forward with the Intellinder Absolute Position Sensor design. By integrating a highly engineered sensor into the hydraulic cylinder, this Parker design eliminates the time and cost associated with gun drilling, as well as unprotected external sensors with complex linkages. Cylinder feedback installation is virtually plug-and-play. 

The Intellinder Sensor signals absolute positioning, rather than position relative to the starting location of the rod. Position identifying bar codes are marked right on the rod so its position is communicated continually and directly to the controller. Position report occurs at power-on. Our design allows for full utilization of double-rod cylinder applications requiring position feedback.

This proprietary technology has undergone exhaustive laboratory and field testing to validate its ability to maintain signal fidelity in extremely challenging environments.

Key Benefits

  • No gun drilling rod, no LDT probe. 
  • Etched rod (bar code) with optical sensor
  • 4-20 ma output
  • Same sensor for any cylinder (Easy to keep spares)
  • Up to 10" rod with 240" max stroke.

Key Features

  • Sustains performance in applications exposed to vibration, dust, gravel, corrosives, chemicals, axial load, side load, and immersion
  • Remains impervious to electronic noise and has been tested to ensure signal strength in the most rigorous applications
  • Performs across a wide range of temperatures and provides long stroke capabilities of 20 feet (6,096 mm)
  • Features highly sensitive health monitoring to detect and diagnose potential cylinder malfunctions before they can disrupt operations


  • HydroPower Electric Generation Dams
  • Civil Lock and Flood Control Dams
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Conveyor/Table Lifts for Material Handling
  • Oil and Gas*
  • Electric Power Generation*

*ATEX Pending