NEW! Parker FAP/FAPC Proportional Poppet Valves


Parker Hydraulic Cartridge Systems Division combines Parker’s precision ground poppet and SuperCoil technology with a newly patented integral compensator design, bringing you a flow control product with best in class repeatability and a truly exceptional level of control.

Parker’s innovative new flow control products are available in both compensated (FAPC) and non-compensated (FAP) series product families. The FAP series offers repeatable and accurate operation throughout the full control range of the valve. In conditions of varying load, the FAPC series maintains predictable and repeatable performance through the introduction of our new fully integrated compensator.

Built directly into the FAPC series valves, the innovative new compensator maintains a tight seal for load holding without any requirement for additional sealing. When open, the compensator responds to changing load conditions independently. With no seal friction to overcome, the FAPC valve maintains the repeatable and predictable performance customers can rely on. This additional feature eliminates the need for complex programming algorithms, and any requirement for an external compensator to improve the operator’s control.

Application Examples

Poppet type proportional valves can be configured in a bridge circuit arrangement to create virtually any proportional spool condition. The valve timing can be individually controlled to provide decompression, cushion start or stop, or cylinder regeneration functions. Electronic feedback based on cylinder position or load pressure can be used to control cylinder position, speed, or to control the drop out of regeneration function.