Hydac Releases New DFDK High Flow Duplex Filter


High Flow Duplex Filters - Sizes 330, 500, 660, 990, 1320

It’s here! - HYDAC’s answer to your high-flow duplex pressure filter challenges!

You asked for it, and HYDAC delivers! Introducing the new-and-improved DFDK Series filter, for high-flow duplex filter applications (sizes 330, 500, 660, 990, and 1320). It boasts a lower Delta P in a more compact design, a replaceable check valve, and offers a host of unique options never before available.

These changes are effective immediately, so look for these improvements in your next order. New part numbers will be assigned, superseding all old part numbers.

Key Features

  • Lower Delta P (up to 20%)
  • More compact design - results in a weight reduction of approximately 100 lbs (50 kg)
  • New replaceable check valve – improves ease of maintenance
  • Lever lock option (code SO668) – provides performance protection
  • T-ball transfer valve option – allows for simultaneous flow through both filter elements