HYDAC Releases New Optimicron® Filter Elements


Optimicron® — Introducing the latest advancement in element technology! 

Optimicron is an optimized approach to filter performance. 

With Optimicron, you can have the best of both worlds, maximum efficiency with minimal pressure loss. This is achieved through a combination of advancements: 

  • An innovative HELIOS pleat geometry media increases the free flow surface area while maintaining an exceptionally stable mesh pack 
  • An upstream drainage layer performs double duty – promotes laminar flow and at the same time provides added mesh pack stability
  • A second drainage layer further promotes laminar flow, while also restricting impact loss, dead spots and vortexing 
  • An exclusive outer wrap not only improves performance, but also provides quality protection. It features a unique oval-hole design that improves diffusion flow. This is a one-of-a-kind oval design, so you can be assured that when your element includes this outer wrap that it is a HYDAC quality original and not an imitation. A two-color print further helps keeps piracy in check. A new focused approach, designed to bring HYDAC into the aftermarket forefront. 
  • Expanded range of micron ratings – 1-micron and 15-micron have been added to the family (complete offering 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20) increasing flexibility for application optimization

Key Benefits of Optimicron

  • Up to 30% lower Delta P: Benefit - Up to 30% cost and emission savings: 
  • Increased element service life: Benefit - lower maintenance and element replacement costs 
  • More efficient filtration: Benefit - ensures long system life and cost-savings 
  • Additional filter ratings, combined with improved design: Benefit - Increased application flexibility
  • Quality Protection: Ensures best protection during the whole life of the equipment.

    **Optimicron will eventually replace the entire Betamicron®4 low collapse (BN) series of elements. Look for this change to start taking effect in the 2nd Quarter, beginning with elements 0330 R XXX BN, 0330 D XXX BN, 0660 R XXX BN, 0660 D XXX BN. This process will happen gradually, as we use up current inventory.**