Parker VIP's Thomas Williams, CEO, and Jeff McKelvey, Vice President/Motion Groups Pay an Unusual visit to Comoso


On Thursday, January 28th, Controlled Motion Solutions, Inc. was given the rare opportunity of a full-day visit from two Parker Hannifin’s VIP’s; Thomas Williams, CEO, and Jeff McKelvey, Vice President/Motion Groups. Their visit was to determine how Comoso, their first ever Tri-Technology winner is perennially able to succeed with all Parker key technologies - an extraordinary feat.  They were impressed that Comoso has been able to successfully apply each of Parker’s key technologies, which is in large part due to the structure Comoso established in 2000 and has been perfecting throughout the years. Being one of Parker's most capable business partners, Comoso is thankful for this personal visit. Mr. Williams and Mr. McKelvey were able to see great people; the various new and additional investments and expanded value-add services and capabilities Comoso possesses.    

They toured Comoso’s Santa Ana, CA, headquarters and Value-Add Center, along with Comoso’s Corona, CA, Automation Center of Excellence. Parker and Comoso’s executive staff also paid a visit to NOV where Team Comoso was able to demonstrate the successful partnership that exists between the three companies. These new technologies and capabilities combined with their innovative mentality allow Team Comoso to be ahead of the competition through the differentiation of their people, products and capabilities.

After a successful visit, they left with a greater understanding of why Comoso is a leader in the fluid power industry. Comoso’s has highly trained employees, strategic geographical locations and continuously invests in equipment to further its capabilities. The visit from Parker’s Executives, their partnership and support over the years continuously inspires Comoso to be the best. Comoso is extremely thankful for the visit and fortunate enough to have a special win-win relationship with Parker which ultimately benefits our customers and our desire to be the leader in motion and control products.