Parker Pneumatic Introduces IO-Link Control Modules for Pneumatic Valves


Parker offers ISO standard pneumatic valves and IEC standard controls for air valve systems.

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IO-Link communication is quickly expanding within the Factory Automation market space as a low cost method of connecting I/O “on the network.” The Moduflex IO-Link module brings this exciting technology to Parker’s key valve manifold products. Process data is easily accessible and can be monitored by PLC to help reduce or even prevent downtime.

The Moduflex IO-Link module is a 24 DO module, proposed in both Class A with Independent auxilliary power supply and Class B

Connected to a Moduflex Valve island, the Moduflex IO-Link module can handle up to 19 solenoid pilotes. Once connected to either a H Series Micro or ISO, it will be able to handle a configuration having up to 24 pilot solenoids.

In its Class A version, it shows 2 x M12 A coded male connectors and hence, can be connected to any IO-Link Class A masters and separately receive its auxiliary power supply for valves from an independent source allowing the user to turn the outputs OFF while allowing the communications to remain ON.

The Class A version is available in 3 auxiliary power connection variants to suit different M12 supplier connections. With its isolated ground, it has been designed to support a test pulse and hence, can be supplied from a safe output following machine directives.

With a single 5 pin's M12 A coded male connectors, the Class B version can be connected to any IO-Link Class B masters receiving its auxiliary power supply for valves from the only cable from the IO-Link master limiting the connection.

The Moduflex IO-Link module offers a local diagnostic through 4 LED's located on the visible top side, showing:

  • IO-Link com status
  • Module error
  • Output error
  • Auxiliary power

Additional useful diagnostic information can be read by the PLC through the network simplifying diagnostic and allowing predictive maintenance (all details in the user manual)