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MIST-XL Compressor Separator Failure Protection

Key Features

  • Optimum protection against catastrophic air/oil separator failure
  • Heavy duty drain for rapid removal of oil & condensate
  • Low pressure drop element – only 30 mbar (0.5 psi)
  • Fully corrosion protected
  • Dry powder epoxy coated internally & externally
  • 10 Year housing warranty
  • Heavy duty element construction
  • PED approved
Model Series

  • MIST-XL 125
  • MIST-XL 250
  • MIST-XL 500
  • MIST-XL 1000
  • MIST-XL 1200
  • MIST-XL 1500
  • MIST-XL 2000
  • MIST-XL 3000

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A modern compressor's air / oil separator is very robust and on a well maintained oil lubricated compressor, the risks are very low, however the air / oil separator has long been identified as a potential risk should it fail. A failed separator allows all of the oil in the compressor sump to be carried downstream, overloading the purification system, contaminating the storage & distribution system, and ultimately the point of use.

MIST-XL Compressor Separator Failure Protectors are the ideal alternative to expensive “oil-free” compressors, they provides efficient removal of bulk liquid oil and oil-mist carryover from piston or oil flooded rotary compressors. With an extremely low pressure drop and long service life, MIST-XL Compressor Separator Failure Protectors will complement and protect the existing purification equipment to provide total peace of mind.

The Parker domnick hunter MIST-XL Compressor Separator Failure Protectors are the result of extensive research and development, and 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of high efficiency compressed air treatment equipment.