Spartan Scientific
CRDV/S Wi-Fi Series Condensate Removal Drain Valve

The Spartan Scientific Series CRDV/s Condensate Removal Drain Valve with optional Wi-Fi keeps your air compressor tank and airlines free of moisture automatically by coupling a state of the art, closed-loop sensing system with a robust high flow diaphragm solenoid valve. As a constant sentinel, the CRDV/s protects your expensive equipment against premature failure, reducing rust and clogged air components while increasing compressor life, facilitating proper maintenance, proper cycling, and machine life. 

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The CRDV/s features a self-cleaning cycle every 24 hours, status indicator lights, environment resistant design, and once set up, is truly plug and play. As water/effluent enters the CRDV/s, the self-learning mode opens the valve more often or less often based on the sensing of the water and demand. The CRDV/s drains the water, only when necessary with no loss of compressed air. Spartan Scientific offers a simple app for connecting the unit to the internet by use of a secure internet connection. Available for IOS, Android, or desktop web site, the app allows the user real-time, data logged statistics on water removal, temperature, cumulative and daily cycling data. Upon connection, the user can set up alerts for alarm conditions that come in the form of texts or emails. More importantly, the user can see daily trends and have access everywhere. The options, utility, size, ease of installation, and price rival the cost of conventional timed electric drains that have none of these features.