Chicago Pneumatic
ECOBOX Compressor Condensate Cleaning Solution

Key Features

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economic

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The CP ECOBOX offers a compressor condensate cleaning solution with excellent performance for compressed air systems up to 60 cfm (30 l/s). It is designed to remove the oil traces from the compressor condensate via adsorption. The ECOBOX is able to clean the compressor condensate to oil concentrations below 15 ppm* by using a new, advanced filter medium. It is specifically designed to offer an affordable condensate cleaning solution for piston compressors and small screw compressor installations.

Every air compression process produces condensate containing oil and other contaminants. Also the condensate separated in refrigerant dryers or in cyclone separators contain oil. Collecting and disposing of this polluted condensate is both difficult and extremely costly. Discharging even a small quantity of it into the sewage system is illegal as it causes extensive pollution. Our innovative Chicago Pneumatic ECOBOX Oil-water separators are a simple and environmentally friendly solution to this problem. Separating oil and water results in rinsed water which can be discharged into the sewage system and a limited amount of oil to be disposed of in a specialized center.