Parker Pneumatic
WDV3 Automatic Electrical Timer Drain Valve

Key Features

  • Does not air-lock during operation
  • Compressed air systems up to any size
  • The direct acting valve is serviceable
  • Suitable for all types of compressors
  • Test (micro-switch) feature
  • High time cycle accuracy
  • Large (4.5mm) valve orifice 

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Operating pressure 230 PSIG (16 bar)

Ambient operating temperature 34°F to 130°F (1.1°C to 54°C)

Voltages 115VAC, 230/50-60Hz, 24VDC

Coil Insulation Class H, 340°F (171.1°C)

Current Rating 4mA maximum


  • open time .5 to 10 sec., adjustable
  • cycle time .5 to 45 min., adjustable