Chicago Pneumatic
Vertical Compressed Air Receivers

Key Features

  • Vertical Storage
  • 100 to 5000 Liters

Types Vessel Available

  • Painted
  • Galvanized
  • Vitrified (Vitroflex)

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The air receiver is an essential part of your compressed air system. It is suitable for any application using compressed air. Besides the air storage function installing an air receiver allows you to reduce unstable pressure peaks, multiple starts, and stops of the compressor and to avoid the risk of condensate.

Painted Vessels

Painted vessels are used in the majority of the cases, where the air receiver is not submitted to extreme weather conditions and perfectly clean air is not an absolute prerequisite. The paint job ensures protection against corrosion.

Galvanized Vessels

Galvanization is used to protect steel against corrosion. The process itself is simple: the vessel is completely submerged in a zinc liquid bath. As a result, the zinc coating perfectly adheres to the entire surface of the tank, ensuring full protection of the steel.

Vitrified Vessels (vitroflex)

These vessels are treated with vitreous enamel, making them water and steam resistant. The complete reliability of this type of treatment is the result of the inorganic composition and the link created between the enamel and metal surface. After having been baked at 850°C, the enamel no longer absorbs water and fully protects the vessel against corrosion.