1990DN Series DeviceNet Resolver

Key Features

  • Resolution - 12 bit (4096 Counts)
  • RPM- 1024 max.
  • Conformance- This product has been tested by ODVA’s authorized Independent Test Lab and found to comply with ODVA Conformance Test Software Version A-12.
  • Device Type - Generic
  • Communications - Group 2 slave only
  • Messages Supported - Polled, Bit Strobed, Explicit
  • 8 Programmable Set points- Transmitted over the DeviceNet network

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The 1990DN Series Resolver Interface Module plugs in as a node on any control system or a DeviceNet Scanner Card. Continuous rotary position data is provided with 23-bit resolution. In addition, eight built-in user programmable set-points allow direct control of critical functions. All programming is done over the DeviceNet network.

This product can be used with the 1986 Series Resolver.