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MIRO BT Wireless Signal Transfer

MIRO BT is designed for wireless connections of Profibus DP stations to Profibus networks.  MIRO BT IO enables wireless signal transfer between machines and systems using a point-to-point method.

MIRO BT is specificall y designed for long-distance wireless connections or mobile Profibus-DP units up to 1.5 Mbit/s. Cutting-edge Bluetooth technology makes it possible to connect the stations even under extremely stressful conditions in industrial applications, with distances reaching up to 100m. This ensures the highest availability. You can create point-to-point connections or networks with up to 4 stations. 

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  • Profibus up to 1.5Mbit/s
  • Transparent integration or use as diagnostic station
  • Bluetooth transfer up to 100m – adjustable transmitter power
  • Networks with up to 4 stations
  • Blacklisting of 3 WLAN channels
  • Highest availability