Parker SSD Drives
AC10 Series AC Variable Frequency Drives

AC10 Variable Speed Drive For Simple, Reliable Motor Control in General Purpose Applications 0.25 - 250 HP (0.2-180 kW), IP20 and IP66.

Key Features

  • Economical
  • RS485 Modbus Communications
  • 0.5% speed and 5% torque accuracy
  • DSE Lite Software


  • Easy Quick Keypad/Display Setup
  • Application Macros
  • DSE Lite or PDB Software Config.
  • Volts per Hertz or Sensorless Vector Mode
  • IP66/NEMA4X Units Through 125 HP
  • Heavy Duty rated only
  • 230V - 1 Phase to 3 Hp & 3 Phase to 20Hp
  • 460V - 3 Phase to 250 Hp
  • PID Loop and Auto-Tuning
  • Modbus RTU/RS485 Comms.
  • Class 3C3 Conformal Coating
  • Optional Internal EMC filter
  • Internal dynamic brake switch as standard
  • Cloning Module Available
  • Up to 590 Hz output for high speed operations such as spindles, centrifuges, mixers etc.


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AC10 Variable Frequency Drive is a simple, reliable and economical solution to every-day motor control applications requiring speed or torque control within the power range of 0.25 HP to 250 HP, with NEMA 4X indoor/IP66 version available through 125 HP. Having features normally only associated with higher specification drives, including sensorless vector mode, output frequency up to 590 Hz, and a full 150% overload at 0.5 Hz for 1 minute, AC10 provides an optimized solution for OEM machine builders looking for a compact, cost-effective drive without compromising on performance. The AC10 is suitable for either AC induction or permanent magnet AC motor designs. Features Simplicity AC10 is designed to reduce the time and effort required to install, setup and commission through its easy to use integrated keypad. Minimal wiring requirements and two easily accessed terminal rails make AC10 fast and simple to install, having you up and running in no time at all. Auto-tuning sensorless vector mode takes AC10 beyond simple V/Hz control allowing users requiring greater dynamic speed or torque control for their application to benefit from the drives enhanced 0.5% speed and 5% torque accuracy. Reliability Proven technology and manufacturing techniques ensure AC10 has been engineered and built to deliver consistently outstanding levels of performance day in, day out ensuring maximum uptime and productivity. Thanks to its conformally coated PC boards, AC10 is able to withstand even the most severe class 3C3 environment which many other drives in this class would struggle with, allowing you to operate AC10 with the utmost confidence in more applications. For the ultimate in protection, IP66 rated models are available

Inverter Duty AC Induction Motors An ideal complement to AC10, an inverter duty AC motor matched to the AC10 will provide you with a complete motor/drive package for optimal performance in your application. AC10 Drives Range One of the smallest microdrives available and with five different frame sizes covering a power range of 0.25 HP through to 250 HP, AC10 is a low-cost, compact solution for simple AC induction motor control in a wide range of applications across a host of different industries.

AC10 IP66/NEMA4X IP66/NEMA 4X (indoor) apply to IEC standard 60529-2004 and NEMA standards, and assess the capability of an enclosure to resist specific environental conditions. IP66/NEMA 4X protection represents dust tight performance as well as the ability to withstand powerful water jets from all directions. Parker’s AC10 IP66/NEMA 4X series offers all the great benefits of the AC10 series drives but with added environmental protection.

Parker AC10 Configurator and Support 

 • IP20 230V: ¼ - 20 HP

 • IP20 460V: ¼ - 250 HP

 • IP66 230V: ½ - 3 HP

 • IP66 460V: 1 - 125 HP

 • SCCR meet 100kA rating with recommended fuses