Murr Elektronik
MVP12 Series IP69K Stainless Steel Distribution Box

Key Features

  • IP69K rating
  • Closed stainless steel housing and V4A 
  • (1.4404) screw thread bolts
  • Cables made of FDA compliant material (CRF 21, 177.2600)
  • Use of detergent-resistant plastics (EPDM, PP)
  • LEDs at the port

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One of the main requirements is that the components used be easy to clean with no grooves or other small spaces where mold or bacteria can collect. Often the equipment is cleaned with a high-pressure sprayer and aggressive cleaning agents so robust stainless steel is the preferred material for this environment.

Murrelektronik‘s MVP12 Steel distribution boxes have an IP69K rated stainless steel housing to meet these requirements. They are an excellent choice for implementing decentralized installations for the food and beverage industry. They replace terminal boxes and make the routing of extremely complex cables easier.