Canfield Connector
Series 5FFAC Solenoid Valve Connectors



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The Canfield Series 5FFAC all-molded DIN solenoid valve connector/gasket/cord offer a completely molded plug and play design that interfaces female ISO (DIN 43650 Form "A"), MINI and 9.4mm (Industry Standard) and 8mm Sub-Micro (DIN 43650 "C") solenoid connections to 8mm or 12mm (round) circular connectors as shown on the following pages. Made from rugged yet flexible polyurethane, the connector housing boasts high durability factors and application versatility. The low profile "straight line" interface/cord configuration allows for installation in many limited space applications. The integrated gasket design boasts an IP67/NEMA 6 rating, is far better for environmental integrity than field wire versions and makes it impossible to lose the gasket! The 5FFAC and 5JFAC are the only molded valve connectors in the industry that feature bi-directional indicator lights and load suppression (not intended for UL 1449). UL and CSA versions are available as well. The Series 5FFAC is proudly Made in the U.S.A.

  • Color: Black standard or white translucent (for lighted versions)
  • Cable conductor colors:
    •   European color code: Brown, blue, and yellow/green
    •   US color code: White, black, and green
    •   Specials on request
  • Cable types: Black PVC or PUR with & without shield
  • Rated voltage max.: 120V AC/DC 50/60 Hz
  • Voltage drop: 2.2 volt max.
  • Current max: Continuous - 4 Amp  
    •   Inrush - 15 Amps for 15 ms 

  • Enclosure and molded in gasket materials: Polyurethane
  • Ambient rated temperatures: -25° to 80°C
  • Environment protection: IP 67 and NEMA 6, dust tight and water resistant
  • Available: 
    •   DIN 43650 Form "A" (ISO), EN175301-803:2000
    •   DIN Form "C" (Sub-Micro 8mm), EN175301-803:2000
    •   Industry standard (MINI 9.4mm pin spacing)
    •   Industry standard (MINI 11mm pin spacing)