Murr Elektronik
Modlink MSDD Modular Cable Entry System

Key Features

  • Modular
  • Cost reduction due to the use of pre-wired cables
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cable identification by labelling
  • No special cutting tool required
  • Solution for pre-terminated Cables
  • Multiple cable diameters in one slim space
  • Faster panel assembly
  • Flexibility in Cable Selection
  • IB65 Sealing
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The Modlink MSDD Cable entry system is a combination of a cable entry system, a terminal profile with integrated strain relief for max. 20 cables and a cable securing rail. 

Next to the extensive product program of all common cable types the MSDD cable entry system also meets the requirements of strain relief and labelling. The blind plates can be used for unused cabinet cutouts. Blind plates are equipped with an integrated grommet. With the help of the adapter plate cutouts with the size of 24 can be prepared for the MSDD cable entry system. In order to guarantee a sealed connection there is a circular grommet integrated on the back side of the plate. In case you do not need all of the holes, blind caps ensure your planned reserve.