Eaton Electrical
AP Series Industrial Control Transformers

Key Features

  • Resin encapsulated
  • 60 Hz operation
  • 180°C insulation system
  • 115°C rise standard; 80°C rise optional
  • Convenient screw-type terminal board
  • Bottom or side/wallmounting designs
  • Performance meets/ exceeds requirements of ANSI/NEMA ST-1
  • Regulation exceeds ANSI/NEMA requirements for all ratings

Standards and Certifications

  • UL recognized

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Transformers provide stepped-down voltages to machine tool control devices, enabling control circuits to be isolated from all power and lighting circuits. This allows the use of grounded or ungrounded circuits that are independent of the power or lighting grounds; thus, greater safety is afforded the operator. The control transformer line is particularly adaptable on applications where compact construction is demanded.