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For nearly 100 years, LOVATO Electric has been designing and manufacturing low voltage electrical devices for industrial applications.
Established in 1922 in Bergamo (Italy), LOVATO Electric is a private company, managed by the same family of entrepreneurs for 4 generations.

Among the first companies in Italy to obtain ISO 9001 certification in 1992, LOVATO Electric has a range of over 18,000 products complying with the strictest requirements of international standards.
Motor protection circuit breakers, contactors, pushbuttons, switch disconnectors, limit switches, digital multimeters, energy meters, soft starters, AC motor drives, automatic power factor controllers and engine and generator controllers are just some of the products designed and built by LOVATO Electric.

To provide competitive products and services in the industrial automation and energy management fields is our company’s “mission”.
Our 15 branches abroad and a network of over 90 importers guarantee the availability of Lovato Electric products in more than 100 countries all over the world. 

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LOVATO Electric offers more than 18,000 products certified to the most stringent international homologation marks: energy counters, digital multimeters, soft-starters, protection relays, automatic power factor correction systems and genset controllers are just a few of the products designed and manufactured by LOVATO Electric for Energy Management.

With 15 foreign offices and a network of 90 importers LOVATO Electric ensure products availability in more than 100 countries worldwide. Lovato Electric USA