Murr Elektronik
MICO Basic Series Intelligent 24VDC Power Distribution Module

Key Features

  • Switch off supported by microprocessor
    • Preset tripping currents – 2 A 
    • (the same for all channels) – 4 A
    •  – 6 A
  • 4 channels – width 35 mm
  • 8 channels – width 70 mm
  • Less space required compared to conventional solutions
  • Spring clamp terminals with bridging option on the left side (24 V and GND)
  • Group alarm contact through digital output
  • 20,000 µF maximum capacitive load per channel
  • Labeling options for each channel and for the module
  • Visual warning notice when 90 % of the load current set is reached
  • Cascading start of the individual current paths

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As early as necessary, as late as possible – MICO BASIC features intelligent switch off characteristics! The modules are suitable for any application that requires protection of a great number of sensors and actuators with similar demands. 

The current ranges for the individual circuits are fixed. The compact modules secure either four or eight channels with 2, 4, or 6 A. LEDs show the operating conditions of the individual channels and, when blinking, indicate that a maximum load of 90 % is reached. If there is an overload or short circuit, MICO BASIC switches the affected channel off and the LED blinks red. A group alarm contact sends the current status to the control.