Murr Elektronik
Emparro Cap Series Capacitor Buffer Units

Key Features

  • Single phase operation, primary switched
    • Short circuit and overload protected (Power limiter)
    • Power Boost 150 %
  • Emparro (120w)
  • Emparro (240w)
  • Emparro (480w)

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It is our goal to develop new, efficient power supply units. Each percentage of efficiency saves you money and significantly increases machine availability. The degree of efficiency directly influences size, service life and temperature sensitivityof a power supply. A rough estimate is that if a device's temperature is increased by 10 °C/50 °F, the life of the power supply is reduced by half!

An example, your 24 V/10 A unit has an efficiency of 85 %, which corresponds to power loss of 15 % or 26 W. With an efficiency of 95 %, the power loss is already reduced by 50 %: 12 W.

The higher the efficiency the lower the heat generation and the smaller the unit can be.