Eaton Electrical
32A Overload—C306DN3B for CE or CN Non-Reversing and Reversing Contactors

Key Features

  • Selectable manual or automatic reset operation
  • Interchangeable heater packs adjustable ±24% to match motor FLA and calibrated for use with 1.0 and 1.15 service factor motors. Heater packs for 32A overload relay will mount in 75A overload relay—useful in derating applications such as jogging
  • Class 10 or 20 heater packs
  • Load lugs built into relay base
  • Bimetallic, ambient compensated operated. Trip free mechanism
  • Electrically isolated NO-NC contacts (pull RESET button to test). (Electrical ratings see table on Page V5-T2-46)
  • Overload trip indication 
  • Shrouded or fingerproof terminals to reduce possibility of electrical shock

Standards and Certifications

  • Meets UL 508 singlephasing requirements
  • UL listed, CSA certified and NEMA compliance

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C306 Overload Relays are designed for use with CE or CN non-reversing and reversing contactors. Four sizes are available for overload protection up to 144A.

*Heater Pack selection available in Catalog