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Accessories for General Purpose Plug-In Relays


The MOD Module System - Eaton’s plug-in modules are a simple way to add functionality to your relay without the hassle of messy wiring and additional mounting of external electronics. They are available in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of  almost any application.

Metal Hold-Down Clips Metal hold-down clips, or spring clips, are ideal for use where high heat or humid conditions are a factor. These clips hold their shape and tension and are designed to withstand harsh environments. All clips are made of  corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Plastic Ejector/Hold-Down Clips These clips are great for applications where sockets are located in dense or tight areas. They allow for quick, safe and firm securing of relays in the sockets with the added benefit that the relay can be ejected with one finger. Plastic clips also aid in keeping operators’ fingers away from live circuits. The optional snap-in identification tag allows for custom marking of sockets when used in multi-socket applications.

Plastic ID Clips - Plastic ID clips allow for easy circuit identification in multi-relay applications. They are designed for labeling and are not ideal for securing the relay in the socket.

Coil Bus Jumpers Eaton’s coil bus jumpers allow inputs to be bridged to adjacent sockets without additional wiring, making multi-relay connections quick and easy. The easy-to-install design requires no tools and can be complete in a matter of seconds.

Write-On Plastic Labels/ID Tags These convenient plastic labels snap easily onto the relay socket for clear identification in multi-relay panels. The hinged design makes wiring simple and allows for angular adjustment of the tag to improve readability in the panel. Marking with a standard permanent marker creates a smudge-free surface.

Flange Mount Adapters

Eaton’s relay flange mount adapters create a modular approach to flexible mounting options. Each low cost adapter allows for panel mounting of a standard control relay and can eliminate the need for a socket.

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Eaton offers a variety of simple-to-install relay accessories that allow you to customize the features of a relay system to meet your exact needs.