Eaton Electrical
BF-BFD Series Fixed Contact Industrial Control Relays

Key Features

Wiring to Relay

  • In parallel with coil—one timed and up to 12 instantaneous contacts, or
  • In series with coil—up to 12 timed contacts in one relay

Permanent Magnet Latch

  • Field mountable on Catalog Number BF; factory installed on BFD
  • Latch coil continuously rated
  • Latch plunger adjustable for optimum performance

Standards and Certifications

  • UL recognized, UL File No. E19223 (AC relays only)
  • CSA certified, File No. LR39402-6, LR28548-10, 11 (AC and DC relays)

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Type BF is AC operated, 300V maximum, and the BFD is DC operated, 250V. Fixed contact relays are available in any combination of NO and NC from two to 12 poles. BF and BFD relays have captive clamp terminals fully accessible from the front, a molded coil with low operating temperature and silver alloy contacts suitable for low voltage circuits.