Eaton Electrical
D15 Series 600V Multipole Machine Tool Relays

Key Features

  • 600V, 10A continuous thermal current
  • State indicator visually shows relay ON or OFF status
  • Relay base has mounting holes on 35 x 60 mm centers, permitting direct replacement of competitive relays
  • Relay also mounts on 35 mm DIN rail as standard 
  • Magnet coil has three terminals, permitting either top or diagonal wiring— easy to replace European or U.S. relays without changing wiring layout 
  • Contact pole terminals have captive, backed-out, self-lifting pressure plates with ± screws—reduced wiring time
  • All terminals are shrouded or “finger-proofed” to reduce possibility of electrical shock
Full Line of Accessories Available for this product. (Timer Attachments, Metal Mounting Plates, Transient Suppressor Kits, Solid-State timers)
Standards and Certifications

  • UL
  • CSA certified

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Contact poles on the D15 relay are of the fixed design and are not convertible. The basic four-pole relay will accept a front-mounted contact pole deck and/or sidemounted contact blocks (one per side). In addition, a sidemounted solid-state timer or a front-mounted pneumatic timer can be added to the relay. Only one frontmounted attachment can be added to the basic relay.

Application Description 

Side-mounted contact blocks can be used to provide additional poles in applications where a pneumatic timer is installed on the front of the relay. 

They can also be used where panel depth is restricted. The maximum number of contacts recommended per relay is eight, six of which can be NC. When a pneumatic timer is used, the maximum recommended number of NC contacts is three.

Relays with DC coils are supplied with a coil clearing NC contact mounted on the side of the relay.