Eaton Electrical
D2 Series General Purpose Plug-In Relays

Key Features


  • Ultra-high sensitivity relay with quick response
  • High reliability, long life
  • Panel, DIN rail and flange mounting
  • Small size

  • Flag indicator shows relay status in manual or powered condition
  • Bipolar LED status lamp allows for reverse polarity applications
  • Shows coil ON or OFF status
  • Ideal in low light conditions
  • Color-coded pushbutton identifies AC coils with red or DC coils with blue pushbuttons
  • Allows for manual operation of relay without the need for coil power
  • Ideal for field service personnel to test control circuits
  • Lock-down door, when activated, holds pushbutton and contacts in the operate position
  • Excellent for analyzing circuit problems
  • Finger-grip cover allows operator to remove relays from sockets more easily than conventional relays
  • White plastic ID tag/write label used for identification of relays in multi-relay circuits
Standards and Certifications

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The D2 Series is a compact line of relays with quick response time and long life. Available in DPDT, 4PDT and DPDT latching configurations.