Eaton Electrical
D26 Series Type M, 600 Vac Multipole with Convertible Contacts Relays

Key Features

Contact poles D26MPR and D26MPF in 2- through 8-pole relays are convertible NO to NC or vice versa. Simply reverse the terminal screws and rotate the unit pole 180° (in either direction).

Standards and Certifications

  • UL listed—Class No. NKCR2, File E1230(N)
  • CSA certified—File LR353

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Relays can be ordered as complete devices in any pole combination up to a maximum of 12NO or 8NC and 4NO poles, or can be assembled from components shown on Page V7-T3-164.

Relay base assembly (D26MB) will accept from 1 to 4 rear poles (D26MPR, D26MPS and/or D26MPL).