Eaton Electrical
D26 Series Type M, DC Multipole with Convertible Contacts Relays

Models Available

  • 3-pole
  • 3-pole with Latch
  • 3-Pole with Timer Attachment

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Type M, DC multipole relays are physically and mechanically similar to the (D26) Type M AC relays described on Page V7-T3-163. They differ only in the electrical ratings and available pole combinations due to the use of a normally closed late opening, coil clearing contact, factory wired to the pickup winding of the magnet coil. (Contact is shown as L in figure to the right.) Magnet coil has built-in varistor for transient suppression. The mechanically latched relay has one extra contact, normally open early closing, factory wired in series with the winding of the intermittent rated latch coil. (Contact is shown as S in figure to the right.)

Component parts for these relays are the same as those listed for the (D26) Type M AC relays on Page V7-T3-163, except for the Indicating Light, which is not applicable to a DC relay. Contact poles D26MPR and D26MPF in 2- to 7-pole relays are convertible NO to NC or vice versa. Simply reverse the terminal screws and rotate the unit pole 180° (in either direction).