Eaton Electrical
D3 Series General Purpose Plug-In Relays

Key Features


  • Compact relay capable of breaking relatively large load currents
  • Panel and DIN rail mounting
  • 8- or 11-pin octal plug-in

  • The contact operation can be easily checked by Pushto-Test button
  • Flag indicator shows relay status in manual or powered condition
  • LED status lamp shows coil ON or OFF status— ideal for use in low light applications
  • Push-to-Test button allows for manual operation of relay without the need for coil power
  • Lock-down door holds pushbutton and contacts in the operate position when activated 
  • Finger-grip cover allows operator to remove relays from sockets easily
  • ID tag/write label to identify relays in multiple relay circuits
  • Bipolar LED allows for reverse polarity applications
Standards and Certifications

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The D3 Series of relays provides excellent functionality in a popular octal base design. Rigid pins and guide allow for quick and easy installation with little risk of damage.