Eaton Electrical
Three-Phase Non-Reversing and Reversing, Full Voltage Starters

Key Features

Bimetallic ambient compensated overload relays—available in three basic sizes covering applications up to 900 hp— reducing number of different contactor/overload relay combinations that have to be stocked 

These overload relays feature:

  • Selectable manual or automatic reset operation
  • Interchangeable heater packs adjustable ±24% to match motor FLA and calibrated for 1.0 and 1.15 service factors. Heater packs for smaller overload relay will mount in larger overload relay— useful in derating applications such as jogging 
  • Load lugs built into relay base
  • Single-phase protection, Class 20 or Class 10 trip time
  • Overload trip indication
  • Electrically isolated NO-NC contacts (pull RESET button to test)
  • The C440 is a selfpowered, robust electronic overload designed for integrated use with Freedom NEMA contactors
  • Tiered feature set to provide coverage specific to your application
  • Broad 5: 1 FLA range for maximum flexibility
  • Coverage from 0.05–1500A to meet all your needs
  • Long life twin break, silver cadmium oxide contacts—provide excellent conductivity and superior resistance to welding and arc erosion. Generously sized for low resistance and cool operation
  • Designed to 3,000,000 electrical operations at maximum hp ratings up through 25 hp at 600V
  • Steel mounting plate standard on all open type starters
  • Wired for separate or common control


  • Holding circuit contact(s) supplied as standard:
  • Sizes 00–3 have a NO auxiliary contact block mounted on right-hand side (on Size 00, contact occupies 4th power pole position—no increase in width)
  • Sizes 4–5 have a NO contact block mounted on left side
  • Sizes 6–7 have a 2NO/2NC contact block on top left
  • Size 8 has a NO/NC contact block on top left back and a NO on top right back 


  • Each contactor (Size 00–8) supplied with one NO-NC side mounted contact block as standard. NC contacts are wired as electrical interlocks

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Three-phase, full voltage magnetic starters are most commonly used to switch AC motor loads. Starters consist of a magnetically actuated switch (contactor) and an overload relay assembled together.


Three-phase, full voltage magnetic starters are used primarily for reversing of three-phase squirrel cage motors. They consist of two contactors and a single overload relay assembled together. The contactors are mechanically and electrically interlocked to prevent line shorts and energization of both contactors simultaneously.