Eaton Electrical
TMR6 Series Timing Relays

Key Features

  • Provides OFF delay function without requiring input voltage during OFF time delay
  • Duplicates operation of pneumatic OFF delay timers
  • Each unit has eight timing ranges built in, covering 0.05 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Selecting a range is easy using a rotary switch (no math is required or DIP switches to set)
  • Uses industry-standard 8-pin octal socket
  • 10A DPDT output contacts

Standards and Certifications

  • cRUus
  • UL listed (with Eaton socket)
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE marked

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Most electronic time delay relays with an OFF delay function require input voltage to be applied continuously in order to operate correctly. However, there are many applications where this is not possible—-keeping a relay energized for some amount of time after input voltage has been removed. Eaton’s TMR6 true OFF delay product provides this function even when input voltage is removed. It duplicates the operation of the older OFF delay pneumatic time delay relays.