Eaton Electrical
XR Series - High Current Terminal Block Relay

Key Features

  • 14 mm wide
  • Pluggable relay allows for field replacement
  • Convenient plug-in bridge system
  • LED status indication
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • IP67-protected optical electronics
  • Wear-resistant and bouncefree switching
  • Insensitive to shock and vibration
  • Integrated protection circuit
  • Zero voltage switch at AC output
  • Environmentally friendly, cadmium-free contact material
  • Electrical isolation between input and output

Standards and Certifications

  • cULus listed
  • CE

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The XR Series Relays include products designed to meet high continuous current and/or long electrical service life applications. The XR Series Relays are plug-in interfaces that connect to basic terminal blocks that use screw connection technology. Overall width is 14 mm.

Application Description

These relays are best suited for applications that require higher continuous load currents than miniature relays can carry and switch. They can withstand inrush currents or brief overloads without damage, and allow for continuous load currents of up to 10A. The XR Series Relay boasts an average service life of the contacts that is two or three times the normal life of a less powerful relay, resulting in service cost savings.