Eaton Electrical
XTOE/XT Electronic Overload Relay

Key Features

  • Reliable, accurate, electronic motor protection
  • Easy to select, install and maintain
  • Compact size
  • Flexible, intelligent design
  • Global product offering—available with NEMA, IEC and DP power control
*Communication Modules and Accessories located in Catalog

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Eaton’s new electronic overload relay (EOL) is the most compact, high-featured, economical product in its class. Designed on a global platform, the new EOL covers the entire power control spectrum including NEMA, IEC and DP Contactors. The standard NEMA and DP versions are offered with the C440 designation while the Space-Savings NEMA and IEC versions have the XTOE designation. The electronic design provides reliable, accurate and value driven protection and communications capabilities in a single compact device. It is the flexible choice for any application requiring easy-touse, reliable protection. Eaton has a long history of innovations and product development in motor control and protection, including both traditional NEMA, as well as IEC control. It was from this experience that the XTOE was developed, delivering new solutions to meet today’s demands. 

XTOE is a self-powered electronic overload relay available up to 175A as a self contained unit. With external CTs, XTOE can protect motor up to 1500 FLA. Available add-on accessories include remote reset capability and communication modules with I/O for DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, Modbus, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus TCP.


  • Broad FLA range (0.33–1500A)
  • Selectable trip class (10A, 10, 20, 30)
  • Direct mounting to NEMA, IEC and DP contactors
  • Most compact electronic overload in its class 
Motor Control

  • Two B600 alarm (NO) and fault (NC) contacts
  • Test/Trip button 

Motor Protection

  • Thermal overload
  • Phase loss
  • Selectable (ON/OFF) phase unbalance
  • Selectable (ON/OFF) ground fault

User Interface

  • Large FLA selection dial
  • Trip status indicator
  • Operating mode LED
  • DIP switch selectable trip class, phase unbalance and ground fault
  • Selectable Auto/Manual reset

Feature Options

  • Remote reset
    • 120 Vac
    • 24 Vac
    • 24 Vdc
  • Tamper-proof cover
  • Communications modules
    • Modbus RTU RS-485
    • DeviceNet with I/O
    • PROFIBUS with I/O
    • Modbus RTU with I/O
    • Ethernet IP with I/O
    • Modbus TCP with I/O