Parker Gold Ring
G7 Series General Purpose Solenoid Valves

Key Features

  • Simplified Installation and Service
  • Durable Laser-Marked Identification
  • Domestic Manufacturing & Support
  • Proven Gold Ring™ and Skinner® Fundamentals
  • Engineered for Long Life
  • Parker Tracking System
  • Serviceable with Standard Hardware & Tools


  • Port Sizes: 1/8" - 3/8" NPT
  • Pressures: Up to 2200 psi
  • Flows: Up to 1.06 Cv 
  • 303 Stainless Steel or Lead-Free Brass
  • IP67, Thermal Shock-Resistant Solenoid Coil

G7 Config

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Combining high pressures, flows, and temperatures with corrosion and environmental resistance, Parker’s G7 general purpose solenoid valves deliver when it counts. With our 24-Hour Express Ship Program, innovative Parker Tracking System (PTS), and simplified installation and service, you can count on Parker to make doing business easier than ever before. G7: The Evolution of Parker Gold Ring™ and Skinner®