Type 30L Welded, Reduced Pressure, Non-Metallic Lower, Bolted Diaphragm Seals

Key Features

  • Designed for applications where typical metallic lower housings cannot withstand process media
  • Utilizes an all metallic diaphragm welded to the upper housing to allow
    replacement of the non-metallic lower housing while maintaining continuity of
    the measuring system
  • Maximum pressure rating is 200 psi
  • Consider gauge size, pressure range, media composition, ambient and
    operating temperature, and maximum working pressure when selecting
  • Maximum temperature rating is 140 °F
  • Fill fluid must be compatible with process media; i.e. glycerine may 
    become volatile in conjunction with a strong oxidizing agent such as chlorine, 
    forms of oxygen or peroxide and nitric acids
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Suitable pressure
gauge sizes
2-1/2", 4", 4-1/2" and 6"
Will also operate with most transducers, transmitters and pressure switches
Minimum span pressure 30 psig
Maximum working pressure 200 psig
Operating temperature 140 °F