Parker Pneumatic
H-Micro Plug-in Solenoid Air Valve Island

Compact valve manifold with high flow

Reduced machine size and complexity

Fieldbus ready for centralized or decentralized applications

Preferred Connectivity to Rockwell Logix Architecture

Bus expansion decreases hardware cost

Complete assembly available with valves, fittings, and mufflers pre-installed

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Manifold Configurations

  • 25 Pin D-sub Connections for wiring on smaller machines with discrete outputs on the PLC.
  • Moduflex Fieldbus provides simple node connections for larger machines with no additional inputs and outputs at the valve manifold.
  • Isysnet Fieldbus offers full functionality for large, complex machines using many valves, inputs, and outputs. Isys Micro can have up to 4 Valve Driver Modules, controlling 32 valves each, coupled to a single fieldbus node. With bus extension capability using additional input and output modules at each expansion point, a full 256 inputs and 256 outputs can be connected, offering a simple wiring solution for the machine.

Material Specification

  • Valve spool : Brass
  • Valve spool enclosure : Brass
  • Dynamic seals : Nitrile
  • Valve body : Polyamide reinforced fibreglass
  • Seals : Nitrile
  • Springs : Stainless steel
  • Top cover : Polyester
  • Subbase - End plates : Painted aluminium